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Friday, April 20, 2012

Open Class is coming....

Loola's open class is coming... duh-duh-duh!

She's been staying super late at work preparing for it; making sure her lesson plan is perfect, the invites were sent out (Yes, other schools teachers and Admin are invited to come and watch!), the students are ready and understand the key expressions, the classroom is deep cleaned, and all of the videos are made. That's where I came in.

I don't know why, but whenever a photo or video needs to be taken, I seem to always be the go to girl to get the job done.  Luckily, I love Loola, so I didn't mind helping out!  Besides teaching 4 classes today, I recorded and edited these 8 videos for her open class!  They're pretty funny if you ask me!  ENJOY 

They're not the greatest quality, but it's the best I could do with my iphone! :)

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