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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Craft night!

Aaron has taken on a new English club class at his school.  The theme of the class is "green," as in, "being green", and he's been teaching them about the earth and how to preserve it, etc.  He was browsing pinterest (yes, I know!), and found someone who had fused plastic grocery bags together by ironing them between wax paper, and then sewing them into small bags.  

Aaron thought it would be the perfect project for his club class - a recyclable pencil case bag!  Genius!  He decided to make an "example pencil case" to show his students and asked me to help by sewing the zipper on.  Not too shabby for our first go, eh?!  It looks kinda flimsy in this picture, but it's actually really thick and sturdy!  *** The bag is from one of my favorite stores in Nampodong, called Style Lab!

I've been busy, busy, busy making the wedding invitations, crafting the envelopes, and writing the addresses this week, and last, and finally completed them tonight!  I'm not sure exactly how I made it through without accidentally cutting myself, giving up half way through, sticking my fingers together with glue, or going crazy!    These envelopes were a TRUE labor of love, and what's inside was even more of a labor of love!  
Good news is, I think they turned out really cool, and Aaron loves them, so I'm proud! 
The inside will remain a surprise until after everyone has received them.   

I bought myself some red roses to celebrate the completion of the invitation crafting, and to make my kitchen smell really yummy for this weekend when the lovely KATIE OLSON (an old co-worker from the High School I worked at in Arizona) comes to stay with me!  Can't wait to see her! 

Tomorrow is FRIDAY, my easiest day at work, and the beginning of the weekend!  Hallelujah! 
This girl is ready for some relax time!


  1. Wow! I love those recycled pencil cases. Is there a tutorial for them?

  2. Sorry, there's no official tutorial! I'm not really the type to follow directions! haha. I just see something and mess with it until it looks right to me! SORRY!