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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A full, fun weekend!

After work on Friday, Aaron and I had a nice dinner date at The Pan in Nampodong and then did some DAISO shopping! 

Saturday, I woke up early and headed off to Busan Jin Market, which is like a glorified Joanne's Fabric Store, to look for fabrics for the wedding!  Unfortunately, Korean style is a bit different than American style, so I had to get really creative with what they had!  I ended up finding these 6 fabrics to make flag banners to hang along the fences.  I'm going to go back and get a dull blue color as well, to make it feel a bit more springy! :)

At 1:00pm, Aaron and I met Emo (Serry's mom) for lunch at a beef restaurant near my apartment!  She is the sweetest woman we know, and always feel so loved after spending time with her!

The rest of the afternoon, I sat around, petting Kitty and cutting triangles from the fabric I had bought, and then Aaron and I headed over to our new friends Ashley and Adam's apartment for a little party with some more new friends!  It's funny how we think we don't have enough room to entertain 15 people in our big American homes... try doing it in a room the size of your childhood bedroom!  It definitely feels nice and cozy!

After Ashley's, Aaron and I met Meagan at Thursday Party in Nampo for a drink, before heading home for the night! :) 

On Sunday, I went over to Gill's to have a homemade lunch with her and Sam!  I love spending time with these two, but unfortunately we can only do it on the weekends!  They both work at private academy's from 2pm-10pm Monday through Friday, which is when I'm FREE! :(  It's okay though, we make it a point to spend time on the weekends! :)

After leaving Gill's, I went back to my apartment and decorated Easter eggs with Aaron!  He is teaching his students how to decorate them in his culture class this week, so I thought it would be a good idea to make some examples!  Wink wink!  I'm a sucker for doing stuff like that! 
After finishing, I layed in bed and read about 5 chapters of the Hunger Games!  I'm trying to finish reading it before the movie comes out on Friday here in Korea!  
I think I'm gonna make it!

So, that's what happened over here!  Hope you had a great weekend too! :) 

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