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Friday, March 30, 2012

Are we dreaming?!

About a month ago, Aaron and I started looking for roundtrip flights to America, for the wedding, and were shocked at how much it was going to cost us!  Usually it's about $1,800 per person, but this time it was going to be closer to $5,000 total... and that's not including flights that we would pay for to go for a honeymoon!  Ugghhhh!  We were discouraged and frustrated with how much of our savings would go to stupid flights! 

We decided to put our resourceful caps on and came up with and idea!  Aaron's aunt Vicki travels a lot for work and has been saving air miles for years.  We thought maybe she would be up for making a little deal with us!  Who doesn't love a good deal, right?!  She books our tickets with her miles, and we pay her $1,000 per ticket!  It's a win, win right?!  She'd make $2,000 bucks!

Well, Aaron contacted her last week and she said she would see what she could do, but that she wasn't confident that there would be frequent flier seats available this close to the wedding.  But, she went ahead and called a bunch of different airlines, looked at a million different routings, and basically spent hours and hours of her free time figuring out the routing from Busan to North Carolina and back!

Well, today, we got an email from her that she had found seats and had them on hold, but realized later that she booked them under JILL (my maiden last name) ANDERON, instead of JILL (my middle name) ANDERSON, which is the name on my passport.  She said the only way she could book the reservation was if I changed me name on my passport!  Well, we all know that can't happen!  So, she decided to start all over and try a new routing! 

By the GRACE OF GOD, and Vicki's persistence and resourcefullness, she was able to book roundtrip flights for us with an even better routing!!!  We'll have a 3 days layover in Germany for our HONEYMOON!  What?!!  We were beyond thrilled!  We never imagined, in our wildest dreams that we would be able to go to Europe for our honeymoon! 

Then... when we thought we were the luckiest people alive, it got even better!  Vickie went on to tell us that she wouldn't accept the $2,000 we had promised her, because she wanted this to be her gift to us! 


We are feeling beyond blessed this beautiful Saturday afternoon, and very loved!!  We joked that with the extra money we're able to save, we won't have to stay in a youth hostel for our honeymoon!  LOL

Vicki, your gift was beyond generous and we are forever greatful! 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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  1. WOW Jill!!! SOOO happy for you!!! God is Good!!! And what a perfect lil 'mistake' with your name mix up... it was meant to be! Let the countdown begin!! Wish I was going to be there to do your hair and makeup!!