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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yang Yang Cat Cafe

In a country where people live in tiny studio apartments with no front or backyard for pets to play in, a cat cafe is, as far as I'm concerned, genius!  Meagan found this gem of a cafe last night and texted me right away with pictures of her, surrounded by darling felines!  One picture was all I needed to be convinced that I, too, needed to go play with the kitties!

So, tonight, Meagan, Ashley (who I met tonight and already love) and I met for dinner in Nampodong...

...and then headed to Yang Yang Cat Cafe, which just opened this week (or maybe last)!  Anyway, it's on the 4th floor, between McDonalds and POPCORN...just look for the blue and white sign!  When you open the door, you'll be met by a small shoe room.  Here, you take off your shoes and slip on some comfy slippers, then open the next door and you're IN!

There were about 15-20 Koreans spread out around the cafe, most of which had a cat in their arms or lap!

We ooed and awed for at least 10 minutes before settling in and ordering some tea (7,000 won)! 
It's the only thing on their menu.

Meagan is the epitamy of a Cat Lady!  haha.  She's going to kill me, but it's true!  She loves, loves, loves cats!  I may or may not be right behind her on the cat lady scale! 

This little schmooch was one of my favorites!  It just cuddled up on this blanket and minded it's own business all night, but he/she had the sweetest face and softest fur!

We joked that this one was the AJUMA of the cafe!  Ajuma is the word Koreans use for an older, kind of rough around the edges type of woman!  This cat was the only scary one in the place!

"Cat Ladies!" *

There are 21 cats in total and they're all allowed to roam around and do as they please!  There are currently 3 gorgeous white long haired, blue eyed, kittens who love to play hard and cuddle after!

Meagan and I spent at least 15 minutes with this awesome hairless cat sleeping on our laps!

Ashley and her siamese baby!  It had slept in her lap for about 20 minutes and when we got up to leave, she set it up in her lap and it just sat straight up in her arms!  Classic! 

If you love cuddly cats, live in Busan, and like to drink tea, this is the place to go! :)  I'm planning to take Aaron here soon... hoping to convince him that we need a kitty after we get married!  lol

With my luck, he'd only want the hairless kind! 
Thanks for a great night Yang Yang!  See you soon!


  1. Can you give directions to this cat cafe?
    Just post them in the comment box : D

  2. Take the subway, line 1 to Nampodong. Exit #7. Go left at PIFF SQUARE. Go left at MCDONALD'S and walk about 50-100 feet. It'll be on the left... 4th floor, I think. ;)