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Monday, March 19, 2012

No Brian! Don't go!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... Living in Korea and watching good friends come and go really sucks!  It's the way it goes though.  Brian has been one of Aaron's best friends since the first day they both arrived in Korea, and Brian was there the first night I met Aaron!  He's been around for 3 years now and tomorrow he's leaving Korea and moving back to America.  It kills us to have to say goodbye to such a passionate, loving, funny, and genuine guy! 

We spent Sunday night together at Sharky's, a foreigner bar in Haeundae, playing dominoes!  It was the game we all played the first night we met, so it seemed fitting!
...and then had fried chicken together last night with him and Mubi at a hole in the wall joint on a back alley of Gukje Market as our final goodbye dinner.  

Mubi is one of Brian's good friends!  She's fluent in Korean, Chinese, and English and has a firecracker of a personality!  She was teaching us all kinds of funny things to say to Koreans when they stare at us on the bus or subways! 

Okk actually introduced Aaron and I to this restaurant last year, and we knew Brian would LOVE it as much as we do!  They take a whole chicken and cut it to pieces out in front of the place and then fry is right before your eyes!  Talk about fresh!

We hated to say goodbye to Brian, but there was a silver lining this time!  We said "Goodbye, but not forever" because Brian will be at our wedding in July! :)  
Thank goodness! 
We miss you already B!  Safe travels...

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