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Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 2: We made it to Boracay!!

Neither of us slept a wink on those cold airport tiles!  At 5:00am, we were up and ordering breakfast at Le Bisto before catching our morning flight! 

We had originally booked a 7:30am flight to Caticlan, but it got re-routed to Kalibo, which meant we would be taking a 2 hour shuttle from the airport in Kalibo to Caticlan to catch the boat to Boracay. We were a little annoyed about our re-routing at first, but then ended up really enjoying the drive!

I swear we walk up and down the stairs of airplanes outside 75% more than we walk straight onto and off the plane from the airport!  Here we are with the front of our plane!

Driving from Kalibo to Caticlan... in the front seat! :)
We made it to Caticlan and paid a couple dollars for the ferry across to Boracay Island... then paid about $3.00 to ride a tuk tuk to the other side of the island to our resort/ guest house!
YAY, yay yay!!  We finally made it to Spider House!
This is an actual home that was converted into a guesthouse a couple years ago!   There are bamboo shaped spiderwebs all over!  I'm hoping not to have any run ins with spiders! :)

We each checked into our room!  Mine is up these pink steps and to the left!  It's RIGHT above the restaurant and bar, so I hear lots of music and conv all day, which I love!
Oh, and did I mention that my room's balcony looks out to the water!  As you can see, Aaron's a fan and was already making himself comfy out there!

And THIS IS MY VIEW!!!  (No photoshop needed!)  I know, right?!

We were both exhausted, so we ordered some lunch, hung out in the restaurant for a little bit, and then both went to sleep around 4:30pm!   I woke back up around 7pm or so, flipped on the lights and stood out on my balcony for a bit, enjoying the ocean breeze, starry sky and ocean water below!  I'm telling you... this place is about as magical as it gets! 
With that said, I'll have 11 more nights to enjoy it's magic in full... but for today, this girl is calling it a night now, at 8:00pm!  haha...
Goodnight from Paradise!
Lov, Jill

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  1. I'm just catching up on your blog. It looks like amazing!!