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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 1: Up, up and away!

As per our airport tradition, I leave you with the infamous "ticket photo!"

We flew on Asiana, our favorite airline, from Busan straight to Manila!  We were given hot towels, earplugs, headphones, sleeping masks, dinner (at 9:30pm!), drinks, and overall excellent service!  It was a great start to our trip!

.... and then we arrived in Manila and had 7 hours to waste before our flight to Caticlan!  We decided not to mess with leaving the airport and finding an overpriced hotel to sleep in for 5 hours and opted to sleep here, in this little cubby hole area of the check-in-ticket-counter area!  Not our best decision!  We were dressed for the warm Philippine sunshine, but were sleeping on freezing cold tiles in an air conditioned airport!   Good thing we "borrowed" the airline blankets.... Lesson learned! 

Tomorrow we'll be in Boracay, and will have 12 days to catch up on our sleep! :)

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