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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trick Art Show

Yesterday, Gill, Sam and I met up in Centum City at BEXCO (Busan's convention center) to check out the Trick Art 2 Show!

The original Trick Art Museum is located on Jeju Island (South of Busan), but some of their pieces were brought over to Busan for us "mainlanders" to enjoy!  For $9.00, we were in and spent the next hour or two playing around, snapping pictures, laughing hysterically, and enjoying some amazing art!

Where's Gill?

Mirror image...

After the Show, we walked over to Shinsegae for lunch and then over to Gill's for some girl time, movie watching, and good ole' Bi Bim Bap!  Can't beat a day with the girls!


  1. Hey Jill,
    do you know how long this exhibit is open for? I want to go and I didn't get to go last time it was around!

  2. How fun! Wish there was something like that here :)

  3. You guys are ADORABLE!!! Love it!! It seems better than the other trick art exhibitions ive seen before! Miss you!