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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jiller's style cooking!

I have been eating soooo healthy for the past 4 weeks, but last night I decided I would make soft pretzel bites for dinner, from scratch! Yes, I realize this isn't exactly a meal, but if I was going to spend 2 hours making them, I was sure gonna call it one! 
So, that's what I did!

I told Aaron I would cook dinner for him (which he was really excited about), and went to the grocery store for all the ingredients!   I told him he couldn't come in the kitchen while I was cooking because it was going to be a surprise! I think I did this more-so because I didn't want him to find out what I was making and say, "Jillers! That's not a dinner!" haha.

Here are my yummy little dough balls, all ready for the oven!  
I have a bad habit of grabbing my iphone to take pictures these days.

And here they are, in the oven, getting baked!
and here they are, all READY TO BE SERVED!!

Unfortunately, the look on Aaron's face when I told him dinner was ready and he saw what I had made was not the look I was hoping for!  haha.  Oops! Good news was, they were pretty yummy, if you like sourdough pretzels (not sure why they tasted that way) and Aaron was happy!  I think I'll try cooking something a little less snackish next time.  

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