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Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Welcome to the Pig Roast!"

Do you ever have one of those nights where you think,
Gosh, that was so much fun!!  I am blessed with such great friends!!?
Well, tonight was one of those for me! 

Aaron and I decided to have a little dinner party at my place for me, him, Gill, Sam, and Brian!  The 5 of us had had such a great time together at the cabin last weekend, so with a text invitation, a trip to the butcher down the road, and 2 trips to the grocery store, we pulled it together and had ourselved a little pig roast dinner party for 5!

Aaron was in charge of the meat and boy did he take it and run with it!  He originally wanted to try his hand at brisket, but we couldn't find all the right ingredients for the flavoring, so he decided on a 2 lb slab of pork shoulder!  He made a delicious spice rub, and after brining it overnight, he cooked it in my oven for 5 HOURS!  He even made his own side sauce from scratch!  It was the best pulled pork I've ever tasted!  When this guy sets his mind to something, he DOES IT and he does it flawlessly! 

At 5:30 sharp, the table was set...

...the appetizers and wine were out...

...and the food was ready to eat!  YUM!!  I must give myself a little pat on the back!  My garlic mashed potatoes, salad and steamed veggies were pretty darn delicious too!

My American style table and chairs only seat two, so we ate Korean style, on the ground!!

The dinner was to die for-delicious, but the conversation over a couple bottles of wine...

...the night walk through my sketchy neighborhood, the drinks in Emo's shop, seeing Serry meet my friends for the first time, playing the claw game outside the ministop, being given 2 free claw game prizes from the Korean pro, the appropriate and innappropriate conversations had over dessert, and the 2 full games of Apples to Apples were what made this night so memorable and fun!

Everyone went home with full belly's, slightly tipsy bodies, and an aching tummy from laughing! 
I know it wasn't just because of Aaron and I that tonight was so special,
but I'd like to think we make a pretty great dinner party team! 

It helps when you have awesome friends too! :)

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