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Thursday, January 26, 2012

American Celebrity Project

I decided to do a "describing people" lesson for my winter camp class today! A big thanks goes out to my mom for the 2 gossip magazines she gave me when I was home for Christmas!  I went through them this morning and cut out 12 pictures; one for each of my kiddos.  Then, my kids followed a hint sheet I had given them and filled in the blanks with the adjectives and nouns they thought should fit!  These 3 were really funny to me!

I tried to explain how first names and last names are said in a different order in America.  In Korea, the family name is said before the person's first name.  Poor Mr. Dicaprio became Aprio Dic when I wasn't looking!  I had to stop myself from giggling when sweet little Vincent got up to introduce his American Celebrity and said "His name is Aprio Dic!" I just went with it and told him he did a great job!   

I'm sure Ryan Gosling wouldn't be too pleased to know that people think his "sexy / suave look" actually makes him look tired!  And I'll tell you what, this man is FAR from ugly!  Lucy has apparently never seen The Notebook!

I guess Brad Pitt isn't all he's cracked up to be anymore!  Jenny thought he was "a little big" and "ugly"!  Ouch!  Sorry Brad!

Winter Camp is quickly coming to a close and I'll be sad to no longer have my 12 kids with me everyday.  We've become a bit like a family in the last 13 days!  It's experiences like these that make me love my job... and having a little laugh here and there just makes it that much better!  Happy Friday everyone... I'm off to renew my working VISA!

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