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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thanks for lunch!

Once again, Emo graciously invited Aaron and I to lunch with her at a fantastic "gogi" (pork) restaurant!  As a divorcee and mother of a grown son living hours north of Busan, we think she's taken to us because we consistently come to sit and visit with her and play with Serry (her dog).  She has outpoured her motherly instincts upon us, and we have gladly accepted with open arms!  It's nice to be taken care of sometimes. :) 

 Traditionally, the youngest person at the table is in charge of cooking the meat, but she gladly did all of the cooking for us!  So sweet!  She may have just thought we would ruin it if we tried! haha

This is what 2 very full, happy, and blessed Americans look like after being treated to lunch
by their neighborhood shop owner in Korea!

Happy Saturday!

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