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Sunday, December 18, 2011

the G/Jill's craft night!

My bestie Gill is back in Korea (hallelujah!) so she came over last night for some Christmas craft time!
I'm a neat and tidy person, but when crafting, all of those OCD instincts get thrown out the window!  Looking at a room full of colored paper scraps, glue guns, ribbons, jewels, sharpie markers, paint markers and sewing supplies is a sure way to bring a smile to this girls face! 
Having Gill and Aaron amidst all of that just makes it that much better! 

Aaron, being the gem that he is, bought 2 delicious pizzas for the three of us! :)
Aaron didn't craft with us.  Instead, he sat nearby working on his photography website and quizing Gill on her knowledge of American states!  She's from South Africa, but named all 50 states!  Granted, it took over 2 hours, with lots of hints from the two of us, but she did it!  AMAZING! 

The G/Jills together again!
I love this picture!  We've never looked more like sisters!

Gill hand sewed a darling Christmas stocking for herself and I worked on my Christmas gifts for the 6 teachers who I have teatime with every morning after our 1st class of the day.  I've been working on them all week and can't wait for them to see tomorrow!  (Blog to come!) 

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