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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday sewing party

After leaving lunch with Emo, we started thinking up ways to pay her back for her generosity. We decided to make a warm bed for Serry for the winter months. Since the weather has become colder, Serry has been sleeping on a bath mat instead of the cement floors in the shop, but we thought a nice homemade soft bed would be a good treat for her and would show our appreciation for lunch today.

So, I got right to work! Luckily I still have my school's Home Ec sewing machine which made the project much faster and more professional looking.... and yes, I sew on the ground.  Always have.

I used a fleece blanket I already had but didn't really use anymore, and some stuffing from my old comforter.  The only thing I actually bought was a zipper!  This was my 1st project with a zipper. The darn thing took me 4 times to get it just right, but I've figured out how they work now!  I finished off the bed by personalizing it with Serry's name, in Korean, with some cream faux fur material I had.

Aaron and I gave Emo the bed tonight and she was so appreciative and thought it was so sweet that we had homemade it and personalized it!  Serry sniffed it for a while and wasn't an automatic fan, but I'm sure after she sees what a good night sleep she'll have on it, she'll love it!


  1. Love the dog bed! Great job! I also love that it appears as though you have panty hose on with your pjs. :)
    Love you sis!