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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lunch with Emo

In Korea, "Emo" means something much different than in America. The word "Emo" actually means "Aunt/ Auntie" and is used loosely between the natives. For instance, Aaron and I go to visit Serry, our favorite neighborhood dog about 3 times a week. The lady who owns the shop where Serry lives has taken Aaron and me under her wing, so we call her "Emo," or aunt. She's always so generous and offers us free drinks when we sit and visit with Serry and has recently been cutting up apples or persimmons for us everytime we come.

On Thursday night though, our Emo asked in Korean if we could have lunch with her on Saturday (today). We of course agreed, fully realizing there wouldn't be much conversation going on, since she knows less English than we know Korean. Good thing is, Koreans don't typically talk during meals anyway, so there were no awkward silences.

We met Emo at her shop at 1:00pm and the three of us walked about a 1/4 mile to a Samgyupsal (pork) restaurant where she ordered about $50.00's worth of food!  We were shocked to say the least!  This is a single woman who runs a shop the size of a walk in closet... but she was dead set on making sure we ate enough to be full, and we were unbelievably thankful for her generosity.  This was just the first round of meat that was cooked at our table...

She also ordered 3 rounds of shabu shabu, raw meat, egg noodles, and bean sprouts that are boiled in flavored broth.  This was my 4th dish that she poured for me!

By the end, Aaron and I were bursting at the seams and she was smiling, happy that she had treated us to a nice lunch and filled our tummy's with yummy food!

Thank you Emo!  We love you!

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