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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making liquid hand soap!

My creative juices have been flowing like a river lately!  I've been popping out projects right and left!  This post though is dedicated to 2 things: a memo board / frame, and turning bar soap into liquid soap!

I bought this frame at Daiso for 3,000 won (about $2.50), painted it avocado green to match my kitchen, and invested 1,000 won ($0.75) on a white paint marker!  I would have loved to put some fun craft paper in the frame to make it more exciting, but couldn't find any.  I decided the cardboard worked just fine!  BTW: When you use a paint marker on glass, it easily wipes off... So now I can write new messages anytime I want on a cute custom made board!  This note was for A! :)

Now onto the more exciting project... at least in my opinion!  Liquid hand soap is not only hard to come by in Korea, it's abnormally expensive, which is why I was so thrilled when I saw THIS PIN on pinterest!

*** I only needed to fill 2 soap dispensers, so I cut the recipe down.

Here's what you'll need:
I found this bar of Korean soap that Monica had given me for my birthday!  (FREE soap!)
I grated 1/3 of the bar of soap with a small cheese grater. (My wrist still aches)
Then, I put 24 ounces of water in a pot on the stove (Think the size of 2 small bottles of water)
I put the grated soap into the pot.
I then added 1 teaspoon of glycerin
(I found it at a Pharmacy for $0.75 and only used about 1/20th of the bottle! - SCORE!) 
Then I turned the heat on the stove to medium/high and stirred until all of the soap had melted.
Then I turned the stove off and let the mixture sit overnight.

I made enough liquid hand soap to completely fill 2 soap dispensers and it was less than 5 cents!
Less than 5 cents people!

So, turn off your computer and go make some handsoap!

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  1. This is PERFECT!! I have been looking for soap that isn't ridiculously expensive...