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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ladies Night!

Last night, I was invited to go to dinner with the 5 "youngest" Korean teachers at my school!  In Korea, it's only appropriate to hang out, socially, with people around your same age.  There's about a 3 year age gap between the 6 of us, and ALL of them can speak English, so it was perfect! 

We all rode together in NaRae's car and did a little shopping in Migliore before heading to dinner at ToDai Buffet.  Girls in Korea love to memorize and teach each other the dances from Korean pop music videos!  .... Yes, even 30 year old teachers like to do this, and in public while they're shopping!  LOL

We waited patiently at the front door to ToDai....

... and at 5:30pm sharp, it opened with singing employees welcoming customers!  
(NO JOKE!  They were singing to us!)

This is the ToDai mascot!  I guess if McDonalds and Chick Fil A can have mascots so can a Korean buffet!

There was an abundance of amazing food in this place!  Think the size of your neighborhood Walgreens and fill it with aisles and aisles of food!  They had every kind of sushi, steak, chinese food, fruit, cakes, coffees, crab legs, soups, salads, fried food... YUM!  This was my first plate, complete with kimchi jun (pancakes), crunchy sushi rolls, fried shrimp, bell peppers, Chinese bread, and fried rice!

The other girls were much more brave and went for things like fancy sashimi and oysters!

Now Introducing:
김원범 (Kim Wun Bum) 
5th grade teacher.

윤나래 (Yoon Na Rae) 
3rd grade teacher

전혜란 (Jun Hey Ran)
5th grade teacher and NEWLYWED (Remember her wedding from last month?)

최유미 (Che Yoo Mi)
4th grade teacher

and last, but not least...
김미정 (Kim Me Jung)
6th grade teacher

We talked love, friendship, fashion, food, and culture... laughed a lot, and spent 3 hours chowing down and truly enjoying each others company!  I am blessed with great co-workers and friends at Dae Gyo School!  

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