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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A's turning 30!

"Happy 30th birthday Aaron!"  
Today I want the world to know 30 reasons why I'm celebrating you today!

# 1
You're really clever and usually make me laugh at least 3 times a day (and that's on a slow day)!

# 2
You're the best photographer I know and the only one I know to be published in WIRED magazine.  Hhhello! 

# 3
You're a great athlete!

# 4
You're creative!

# 5
You're indulgent when it comes to junk food (which I secretly kinda love)! 

# 6
You're consistent.

# 7
You're affectionate.

# 8
You're the kind of guy most girls would want as a boyfriend!

# 9
You have big muscles and make me feel safe when I'm under your arm!

# 10
You're just the right amount of sensitive.

# 11
You clean WHILE you cook! 

# 12
Speaking of cooking, you're fabulous in the kitchen!   You're a natural.

# 13
You love junk food more than I do, which I love! ...Except for when you secretly eat my snacks!

# 14
You're faithful to me.

# 15
You're generous and have taught me how to become more generous.

# 16
You're a great hugger and always pull me in really tight! 

# 17
You don't take yourself too seriously and will dance around or be silly for the sake of making me laugh!

# 18
You're protective of the people you love!

# 19
You're becoming more thrifty and make me proud everytime you buy something on sale!

# 20
You're cautious and get nervous when I do something that I may get hurt doing (like driving the scooter)! 
I secretly like that you worry.  (I'm sure my mom and dad appreciate this too!) 

# 21
You love Serry (the neighborhood dog) as much as I do and will walk with me to visit her
when I miss her!

# 22
You're able to put me in check without me hating you. 

# 23 
You're intelligent!  I mean what guy knows both the names of buttons on a scientific calculator AND the names of most athletes, what sport they play AND what team they play for! 

# 24
You're a perfectionist about things that are important to you.
(I know everyone thinks I'm a perfectionist, but you are too, and I appreciate your attention to detail!)

# 25
You prefer having a night in, watching movies with me, to hanging at a busy bar!

# 26
You're spontaneous and make your life and mine more spicy because of it!

# 27
You enjoy drinking red wine, which means you'll be super successful one day! 
(It's been proven!)

# 28
You're intentional.

# 29
You're excited about being a dad one day and are slowly convining me I'd love being a mom!

# 30
You're my best friend. 
Now if those aren't great enough reasons to celebrate you today, then I don't know what is!

"Love you A. Happy 30th!"


  1. Thanks love! Reading that definitely made me smile. I am so lucky to have you in my life! I love you!

  2. [From Bill] She's a keeper Aaron!

  3. I've seen a lot of these qualities in Aaron. He is such a keeper!!


  4. Just to clarify, the previous comment is from me - Jill's Mom!