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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Things that made me laugh this week!

1. I had a chest X-ray done for a medical check to renew my E-2 VISA and when I was finished, I asked to the technician, "Ta Desayo?" (Am I finished?) His broken English response came out as a simple, "Go home." 

2. I asked Aaron to pick up a thermometer from the store before he came over last Monday to take care of me.  When he got to my place, he told me the store only had rectal thermometers, but he bought one for me anyway.  I was mortified and kept asking if he was serious!  He kept a straight face for a good 5 minutes as he opened the package and kept saying that he was so sorry, but it was all they had.  LIAR!

3. Aaron gave me his best rendition of Marcel the shell with shoes on.
(check,com if you've never seen it!)  It was dead on!

4. My co-teacher told me her skin is really white because she eats a lot of vegetables.  hmmm?!

5. My other co-teacher asked me if it's common for Americans to give presents at Christmas time?! This just made me laugh for some reason.  She's obviously never seen an American mall during the month of December!

6. Text conversation between Aaron and I at 7:30pm on Wednesday:
A: Wanna meet me at the casino?
J: I'm in the middle of a project.
A: What project?
J: I'm making a snow globe.
A: Don't be a stick in the mud!
J: I'm not even close to being a stick in the mud!
A: You are at home making a snow globe. That is the epitome of stick in the mud.
What are you 65 years old?
J: Touché. I'm on my way.

7. I was standing in line in the school cafeteria and a first grader called me "Pinocchio" because I have a "long nose!"

8. Conversation between Aaron and I Thursday after Thanksgiving dinner:
J: Oh, I wanna see if I can find a video of Justin Beiber performing on the Today Show.
A: I already watched it.  It wasn't very good.
*** Yes, my 29 year old boyfriend searched for and watched a Justin Beiber concert online!  LOL

It's always nice to have a good laugh, isn't it?!

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