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Monday, November 28, 2011

Spelling Bee!

This afternoon is the city wide 5th grade English Spelling Bee!  This is 대현 David and 규은 Michelle, also known as the 2012 English Spelling Bee champions!  Or at least they will be known as that later this afternoon!  I've been working with them for the past week and a half and they're incredible!

These may not look like difficult words to spell, but I didn't just say the word and have them spell it.  I read the definition of the word in English.  They then had to figure out what I was talking about AND write it correctly!  I'm telling you!  They're gonna win it! 

...and when they do, I'm going to treat us all to a little ice cream! :)

*** UPDATE: Michelle went further than David, but neither won.  SAD.  To rub more salt on the wound, Aaron's student won 2nd place!  Way to go A!

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