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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I love us!

To be honest, I've been feeling abnormally bored l in the last couple weeks.  I haven't been inspired to get up and go hiking, explore the city, check out new restaurants, or sip on coffee at hip coffee shops.  Ever get in one of those funks?  I will say though, thanks to, I've been slowly being bitten by the creative bug and have been inspired to create once again!  Hallelujiah!  I found this darling sign on pinterest, courtesy, originally, of lovelylittlesnippets!  Darling, right?!  I loved the phrase, loved the look, and knew I could replicate it!

So, I did!

I went to Daiso, Korea's equivalent of the Dollar General back home and picked up a wooden tray ($1.00), which I flipped upside down and painted on the underneath side.  Since Korea's art supplies are limited, I had to get creative and resourceful!  With that said, I bought a white paint board marker ($1.00), 1 small tube of avocado green paint ($1.00), and an eyeshadow brush ($1.00) to double as my paintbrush!  Like I said, you have to be resourceful around here! 

For a grand total of $4.00, I happen to love how my little DIY sign turned out.

And lucky for me, I actually do happen to love us, so it works out quite nicely! (wink, wink) 


  1. Oh my gosh, this is so cute Jilly! You are so creative and yours is really much cuter than the original. Love it!!!

  2. so cute, i love it! you've inspired me...mind if i copy one for my house? :)