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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dinner Party

Last night Okk, Craig, Aaron, and our friend Brian came over for a little dinner party at my place!  Aaron played iron chef and whipped up 9 of his delicious pasta muffins!  They're seriously the greatest dinner party idea!  I, on the other hand was the appetizer and dessert chef!  I made yummy pesto and cheese french bread and these cinnamon rolls, FROM SCRATCH! The dough didn't rise like it should have, but the finger lickin' cinnamon and butter filling made up for it's denseness!   I'll definitely give them a try again one day.
(photos taken with my phone)

Craig brought Apples to Apples, so after dinner, we broke it out and played it twice!  We all love that game!  Okk had never played, but won by a landslide the first game!  Sometimes she would throw down cards she didn't even understand the meaning of and they would end up being the perfect play on words, or REALLY funny, which typically always got her card chosen as the winner! 

It was such a fun little party! :)
 Wish I could do it everyday... minus the washing the dishes by hand part!  Oh how I miss having a dishwasher (and a full size oven, 4 burners, and a microwave!)  I'm just saying!

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  1. I want to come for dinner too!! :-)
    Those rolls looks so yummy!! <3