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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Travel Agent!

It's times like this that all I want to do is
cry out for a travel agent to come rescue me from the madness 
of trying to figure out the best price AND the best schedule to fly from South Korea to 3 different states, in the course of 17 days!  I usually love and live for schematics, statistics, and scheduling things, but airline ticket prices change soooo darn frequently (with seemingly no particular rhyme or reason), and 30+ hours of trying to figure the whole system out is ENOUGH for this girl!  If I see another Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, CheapOAir, Kayak, USAirways, Delta, AirBusan, Air China, or American Airlines website again, it'll be TOO SOON
Sigh.... $1871.93 later (ouch!), ALL of my flights have been booked.
(All 8 of them!  Eeekkk)
I'm coming home!
Leaving Pusan, S.K. Dec 23
North Carolina (Dec 23 - Dec 27)
Arizona (Dec 28 - Dec 31)
Califoria (Dec 31 - Jan 7)
Arriving back in Pusan, S.K. Jan 8


  1. So excited for you that you get to go home for the holidays! If time allows myself and I know a bunch of others would love to see you in Phoenix. :)

  2. Sorry it was frustrating, but YAY, YAY, YAY that you are officially coming to AZ! Whoo hoo!! K and boys!

  3. Jill, I would love love love that!

    Kirst, I'm glad you guys are excited too! :)

  4. ahhhhh please can we still a minute of your time?!?!?

  5. I am hoping to also get a quick hug or two from you Jill! Kirstin mentioned a quick dinner or lunch...maybe?? 4 days is not much time to get in ALL of your AZ friends and family :) - Nicole

  6. Nicole, I would love, love, love that! I'll actually only be there for about 3 days. :( WAY TOO FAST!