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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Off to the races!

Last Sunday, Aaron and I rode the scooter, an hour away, to the Busan Gyeongnam (Horse) Race Park...

...where, after parking in the very front row (SCORE)
and paying our .75 cent admission fee (DOUBLE SCORE!),
we found a seat in the outside area of the 32,000 person grandstand...

... and joined the crowds of excited families!  (Yes, families!)  Horse races aren't just for the fancy hat wearing rich folk in America, it's for little kids, too!  They were making up all kinds of cute cheers for the horses they wanted to win the race!

We quickly got settled in, and watched the horses and their jockey's warm up for a bit...

...and then placed our first bets!  Don't be fooled though... it wasn't quite that easy!  We had been here once before, but couldn't remember how to make bets!  So, first, Aaron went on a mission to find betting scantron cards and a list of all the horses and their stats! Luckily, we had our iphones to do some translating, so we had a rough idea of what we were actually doing!

My first bet was for a whole, whopping, $3.50!  I bet that either horse #1 or #8 would win the race!  Luckily, horse #8 won the race... YAY! 

But, it only paid out something like 1 3/4 what I bet, so I actually lost about 25 cents!  Oops!  Lesson learned... don't bet on two different horses to win 1st place!  
Just pick one!

After that race, Aaron found an English pamphlet explaining all the different bets you can make, so the next 3 races, I was a big winner!

...and by big winner, what I mean is, I won $7.00! 
Hey, every dollar counts, right?!

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