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Saturday, September 17, 2011

"I wanna make that!"

"Oooh, I wanna make that!" has been something I've found myself saying over and over again this week as I've browsed Pinterest, my new favorite website!  So, yesterday, I decided to make some of those things I've been saying I've wanted to make... although, since I live in Korea, and I can't exactly drive to my local Home Depot, Joanne's, or Michael's for craft supplies, I had to put my resourceful cap on and think outside of the box, to use the things I knew I COULD get in Korea! 

Inspiration # 1:  DIY Coasters!
These were made with 4 inch x 4 inch tiles, some craft paper (Mod Podged) and a piece of felt glued to the bottom.  I will definitly be making these THIS way when I eventually move back to the US, or find a tile store in this country that will sell me 4 tiles! 

Unfortunately, since I have no idea where any tile stores are, I went to where I knew I could find something that would work just as well, DAISO!  DAISO is kind of like the dollar section at Target, but AN ENTIRE STORE worth of it, and they have everything - not always a $1.00 though, from kitchen supplies, school supplies, home decor, gardening tools, baskets, bath accessories, makeup, oragnaizational stuff...  It's fabulous!  Anyhow, I found these tiny sauce dishes for .90 cents each, and figured they would work just fine as coasters.  Originally, I was going to use them upside down, like in the picture, but later decided to set them right side up, so the cup could sit snuggly inside.  I also bought a small roll of handmade Korean traditional paper in a nearby market for $1.00 to cover them with!

The final product!  They're not perfect, but that's the point, right!  Anything handmade should look a little like it was! 

Inspiration # 2: Covering flowerpots
(or in my case, a wine glass!)
I had some paper left over and had seen this tutorial for covering flowerpots...
... but decided to cover an empty wine glass instead, which now humbly sits upon my refridgerator as decoration!  It's cute from afar, but not so great up close!  Patience is not one of my strongest virtues, and this sometimes carries into my projects!  lol

Inspiration # 3: Crafty envelopes!
Lastly, I saw these envelopes a couple weeks ago and thought they were so cool and creative...

So, I took the final scraps of paper that I had, and a couple HomePlus paper grocery bags and made my own version of the crafty envelopes!  Mine, however are brown on the inside, with the fancy paper on the outside!  Now I just have to start writing letters again so I can actually use them!
If you're not already a fan of pinterest, you should be!  We can follow each other and get inspired to be creative!  My username is: JillinKorea... Fitting, right?!
So, that's what I've been up to this weekend!

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