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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's celebrate!

Yesterday was our last day of teaching for the 1st semester, so after work, all of the teachers went out to dinner at an oceanfront sashimi restaurant!   Unfortunately I'm not a huge fan of raw fish, but I'm always okay to eat the side dishes.  Monica went above and beyond though and ordered me a special bowl of abalone jook (porridge), which was very sweet of her!  :)
After dinner, the "Chilsung group" headed over to Cafe Bene for some gelato, coffee, and yummy Korean style honey bread and whipped cream!  This was not all for me!  Everything that was ordered was shared amongst the group - it's the way we do it here in Korea! Regardless, it's not great for the summer body!

Whenever the 7 of us all get together, we always each pitch in 10,000 won (about $10.00) and share whatever food or drinks are ordered.  Then, whatever money is left over atfer the bill is paid, gets carried into our next outing together!  It's Korean style and I actually really like it! 

 Gyung Wha, Okk, and Monica...

MinJung, Me, HyunJung, and Hahnna!  All night, they wouldnt shut up about how tiny my face is (a sign of beauty in Korean culture), so when we took a picture together, they made me sit way forward so their faces wouldn't look so big next to mine!  Haha!  Hence why I'm the only one completely out of focus!

Luckily I'll see Okk the next two weeks because we're teaching summer camp together, but I probably won't see the other five girls until September 1st!   It's gonna be a long 5 weeks without my ladies!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, this post made me miss Korea sooooooo much! Oh, and that Honey bread looks sooo yummy!