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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Joining the Team!

Aaron and I just recently joined a Busan gaelic football team!  Random, yes?!  Fun, definitely!! What is gaelic football, you ask?!  Well, it's bascially a mix of football, soccer, volleyball, and basketball, all rolled into one crazy fun Irish game!  Aaron went to practice last Saturday while I was with Okk in Ulsan, so he had at least one practice to figure it all out before our match yesterday against Daegu! 

The boys team played 3 games, and the girls team played 3. 
Each game was 20 minutes long and pretty darn intense! 

Aaron was a stud out there!  He played soccer in college, but this was my first time ever seeing his athleticism in full gear!  I was a proud girlfriend!

We rented out an artificial turf field at a middle school campus in Da Daepo.  Schools NEVER have grass fields in Korea.  It's either artificial turf or dirt!

I'd say at least 80 percent of the guys on the Busan team are from Ireland, and had played back home for years! 

Aaron played goalie for one of the games!  Check out that save! :)

Save # 2!

In the 3rd game, Aaron went up to catch the ball while the other teams goalie (the big guy in the green shirt on his knee) went up at the same time and knocked Aaron in the face!  Ouch!  He was down for a couple seconds, but was tough and got right back up and kept playing! 

Meagan is on the girls team with me!  It was actually her idea to join!  She's friends with some of the Irish guys on the guys team! 

 The girls teams from Busan and Daegu all together!  Everyone was so friendly!  And no, I didn't wear my flipflops for the game! 

Believe it or not, this was my first time ever playing and I made 2 goals!!


  1. Sorry Bri! There's no video this time... but next time I'll be sure to get one for ya! haha!

  2. Hi Gil

    A friend of mine actually follows your blog and told me about this post. The reason I was told was because she recognised me from one of those photos. I'm the guy in the green jersey who knocked your boyfriend over! It was an accident of course and as you say he took it well. Hope you enjoyed your day as much as we Daegu folk did!


  3. Hi Sean! Yes, our team had an awesome time! It was the first time playing for MOST of us! haha

    Who's your friend who follows my blog? I have about 150 hits a day, but never know who they are! Is he/she in Daegu?

    See you at the next Busan/Daegu match! Take care!

  4. My friend is my co-workers girlfriend, she's Carolyn from America.

    See you all in Seoul for the Korean Gaelic Games, should be fun!