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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dinner at Okk's!

Last night, Okk had Aaron and I over to her family's home for dinner!  Yes, she still lives at home.  It's the thing to do in Korea. People live with their families until they marry.  She said this was one of the first time's she'd ever had guests over, other than family members, to eat dinner!  It's really uncommon for Koreans to invite friends over to their homes. They'll usually meet friends for coffee or dinner somewhere else.  I'm not sure why?  Maybe they're embarrassed to show their homes.  Who knows?  Anyhow, I knew this was a big deal for her to have us over, and an even more big deal for her family, who can't speak English!  She said they were really nervous, so we made sure to come bearing gifts, and big warm smiles! :)

Okk cooked her "own special food!"  The main dish was a cabbage, topped with mayonaise, teriyaki sauce, dried fish scales, and strips of bacon.  She said it's a type of Japanese dish. (She lived in Japan for a year!)  Then, she made cabob's with cucumber, tomato, bacon, and balls of rice, seaweed, and cheese!  .... and no meal is served without soup and kimchi! 

Okk lives with her mom, dad, older brother, sister in law, neice (5 yrs old), and nephew (1 yr old).  Unfortunately, her neice, brother and dad were away at her neice's kindergarden talent show, so we only got to meet her nephew, mom, and sister in law, who don't speak English at all, but definitely know how to smile and make you feel welcome in their home!  We had such a great time with her family.

Okk is definitely one of my favorite Korean's I've met since living here! She's funny, quirky, smart, outgoing, sensitive, caring, and like a sister to me!  Not to mention, she can speak fluent English and understands our jokes and sarcasm!  She's a gem and a total blessing in my life!

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