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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crafty hands!

I've been told I have "crafty hands," which is a complement as far as I'm concerned!  I've always loved making jewelry, sitting for hours-stringing popcorn for christmas tree garland, hand cutting tiny pieces of paper to make personalized greeting cards, decorating cakes, meticulously hand sewing entire homes worth of bedding, pillows, and curtains, and more recenrly, decorating my english classroom!  And by "more recently," I mean, "today!" 

I came to work this morning and found out I didn't have any classes due to test prep!  Ssoooo, I put my "crafty hands" to work to decorate a couple walls that needed a change of scenery!  Monica had commented a couple times about how she wished she was creative enough to come up with a way to change them!  
So, I considered it my little gift to her, since it is technically her classroom afterall! :)  

I went next door to the teachers resource room and collected some paper and felt and got to work!  I made this wall first!  These are random questions we ask our students on almost a daily basis during the lessons.  Some of them STILL can't remember what they mean, so these are for them!  No excuses now kiddos!
This one took about 4 hours because I had to write the Korean sentences over and over again to get the spaces and the characters just right...  The title took 5 minutes... butterflies took 10 mins... flowers 5 mins... and the rest was salvaged from the last board! :)  Good news was, when this one was finished, the kids came in for class and were reading all the sentences and crowding around the board!  I love their enthusiasm!

I had 4 sentences left and no room to put them, so I stuck them on the adjacent wall... but they were lonely all by themselves, so I added some balloons with the names of colors!  Aaron said this was his favorite!  Who doesn't love a wall of balloons, right?!  It took about 10 minutes to make and hang the balloons.  Luckily I had some twine from DAISO in my drawer that worked perfectly for the ribbon! 
Piece of cake!

By this time, I was on a roll and wasn't ready to stop!  So, I decided to re-do the other huge wall in the back of the classroom!  I thought a big tree would be cool, which I could make into a family tree lesson wall!  Luckily there were huge sheets of green and brown felt to make the tree, so I got to cutting!  All in all, this one took about 4 hours!   Luckily the street and house scene at the bottom were salvaged too!  I love the way it turned out!

Can't wait to come to work tomorrow and enjoy my new decor!  
It's all in a days work for this girl and her crafty hands! 


  1. You are amazing! I would never be able to get half of that done in a day and it wouldn't look that great even if I did!

    Glad you see your crafty hands gift and use it!

  2. they look sooo adorable! im sure the kids just loved them!

  3. Jilly my Jilly... you are unbelievable my friend, and for all the grief and the little teases I have with you about your busy little hands... I am so proud of you and I truly admire your amazing work xxx
    Love you!

  4. Oh it's your Gillyflowers by the way ;)