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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lunch with Serry's mom!

This afternoon, Aaron and I rode scoot over to see Serry and bring her some treats!  We do this at least once every weekend, and as many times as we think about it during the week!  We love, love, love this dog!  Other than Cash (Aaron's dog back home) she's the best!  Serry spends her days tied to a 3 foot rope in front of this tiny shop... but she doesn't seem to mind.  Everyone who walks by stops to love on her, so I'd like to think she's got it pretty good here! 

Serry's mom (human mom!) has grown to love Aaron and I because we come see Serry so much... and although we can't always understand each other, we try our best to communicate in Korean, and she loves that we try!  Almost everytime we come to see Serry, she gives us bottles of blended coffee or a bottle of water, but this time she asked Aaron and I to go to lunch with her!  :)  

We said yes, so with an excited look on her face, she quickly locked up the door to her shop and took us to this restaurant a couple doors down! 

... where we ate this!   She was so proud to show us off to her girlfriends who ran the restaurant.

Introducing Serry's mom!   She is very sweet and has loved on Aaron and I like we're her own.  She is divorced and lives all alone in an apartment above her shop.  Her son, who's also 30 years old lives about 2 hours away, so I think she probably gets really lonely.  We're more than happy to be her stand-in kids! :) 

It's moments like these that remind me why I love living in Korea!   

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  1. aww so sweet! I LOVE YOUR BLOG, JILLERS! i have it as an rss feed on my phone so it gives me instant updates...but it wont let me comment on there so i figured i throw one up here to remind you that i read your blog all the time :) love you, katie!

    ps, im so glad we got to skype the other great seeing your beautiful face <3