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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Goodbye Gilly...

In just 3 days, my dear friend Gill will be moving back to South Africa.  Uuuugghhhh!  Another friend comes and goes.  Her plan is to go home and help her mom with some things for 3 months, and then come back in August... but since nothing is set in stone and there's no job in place (yet), it made last night an extra emotional night for her... and me! 

We all met in Kyungsung at Shabana, an Indian restaurant, to have a big send-off-get-together-sit-down-dinner for her!

Then we walked down the street to Eva's for some drinks and dancing! 

Erika (in the red dress) had come to Eva's early to decorate a table at Eva's. She had bought gourmet cupcakes, had about 7 bottles of champagne and glasses out for us, and made a million little origami stars to decorate the table.  Can you tell we're all teachers?!! haha  Gill's friends from work had stolen her computer and made a music mix for the night of some of Gill's favorite songs!  As we walked in, Diddy and Skylar Grey's song "I'm coming home" was playing on the speakers.  Made me sad....

My beautiful, beautiful Gilly!

I’ll miss you Gilly!

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  1. I'll miss you so much too Jilly! You are such an amazing and beautiful woman, and I feel truly blessed for having met you and to have you in my life... you're a friend for keeps. Love You Much Darling, Love Your Gilly-Flowers xxx