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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spitting inside!

For whatever reason, Korean's spit indoors!  It's disgusting if you ask me!  Just this week, Aaron and I were on the bus and an older Korean man, to the side of us, hawked up some flem and spit it onto the floor!  Then he put his shoe in it, smooshed it around under his toe, and commenced to cross his leg, exposing the greenish yellow loogie which was now stuck to the sole of his shoes!  I almost threw up!

Then tonight, Aaron and I were at the grocery store (think Target) and a Korean man was shopping with his wife.  I was a couple feet to the right of him and all of a sudden, without even looking where his mouth was pointed, he spit... INSIDE THE STORE... IN THE FRUIT SECTION... and as if that wasn't bad enough, MOST OF IT WENT IN MY BASKET!

Oh Korea... I love you so... but some things just drive me crazy about ya!

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