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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sound the alarms!

I'm always alarmed when I hear the alarms!  (No pun intended!)  Once a month, Pusan does an emergency drill, where they blast alarms and announcements, through loud speakers, all over town!  Literally, no matter where you are, I guarantee, you'll hear it! 

Growing up in Fountain Valley, we never had anything like this, so I'm always super shocked when I hear the alarms go off...  But to be honest, I'm really impressed with the way Koreans are able to instantly spread pertinent information; especially when Tsunamis and gigantic earthquakes have been happening nearby.  Today I shot a video out of my window.

So, trust me, if something happens in Korea (a war, a tsunami, a fire, etc...) I'll instantly know about it and run for cover!!  Praying that'll never really happen, but glad things are in place, just incase.  :)

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