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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My news debut!

As a young child, I had 2 lofty aspirations - I was dead set on either becoming a maid (no joke) or a news reporter!  I couldn't think of anything better than cleaning and being a famous person on TV!  Who knew I'd become a teacher in a foreign land and actually live out 1 of my aspirations!

Every elementary school in Korea has a news broadcast in the mornings, run 95 % by the students!  They fix the mic controls, man the cameras and give the signals throughout the broadcast!  It's amazing to see children with such a big responsibility!
On Wednesdays, Okk (my co-teacher) and I have our own little 10 minute English broadcast!  I'm l-o-v-i-n-g it!  I guess I am a sucker for attention!

Here we are this past Wednesday, after the show, with the 6th graders who run the program!

Okk and I taught about American culture our 1st week!  I spoke in English and she translated for me!  

My news reports may be for an audience of 470 Korean elementary children and consist of "story telling," American history, breakfast foods and making smoothies, but I'm still living out my dream, right?!  Man, I love this job!

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