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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When's the last time...

... your hair dresser handed you a bag of homemade fermented cabbage as you were leaving her salon?!  haha!  It happened for me today!  When I was there on Saturday, getting my mud treatment, she and her husband were sitting at the table in the back, eating lunch.  They had a huge tub of kimchi and offered me some, which of course I never turn down!  Excited that I thought it was so delicious, she motioned for me to follow her to her computer so she could use google translate to tell me something!  What she wrote translated as, "Next time, I offer a large fence of kimchi."  

I was very much looking forward to what a "large fence of kimchi" looked like!"  haha  ... I'm happy to report, it's a large bag of it!  
yum, yum yum! 

Man, I love Koreans!

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