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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tea for three - skype style!

Last night, Gill and I met up at the Starbucks in Jangsan for our tea for three date with Truchen!  Incase you didn't realize it, Truchen is now living back in South Africa... SAD!!  But, before she left, the three of us all vowed to keep our Wednesday tea for three dates a tradition, with the help of skype of course! 

So, we set up my new little laptop, signed on to skype, and drank our coffee's while we waited... and waited... and waited for Truchen to sign on...

As we waited, Gill decided to break out her make-up (she's a make-up artist) and give me a little makeover!   Who doesn't love a little impromptu make-over in Starbucks?!

I realize this would never be done in America, but in Korea, girls do their make-up everywhere: on the bus, in the subway, in line at the bank... wherever!

We wait at Starbucks for about an hour and half... We found out later, that Truchen had gotten her times mixed up! Ooops! Luckily though, Gill is meeting Aaron and I for dinner at the Samgyupsal restaurant under my apartment tonight, so we're gonna have a little skype date with Truchen over dessert afterwards!  :)
While the coffees and make-over were wonderful, my favorite part of the night was still to come!  Gill and I met up with her friends Sarah, Tam, and Andrew at a... drum roll please.... MEXICAN RESTAURANT!  Oh Mexican food!  How have I lived without you for so long?!

The chicken tacos and quesadilla (I may have splurged a bit!) were delicious, and long awaited!  The only thing that could have made this night better was to have had Truchen there in person!  Miss you friend!
PS: Happy Solar New Years Eve!

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