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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The last 3 days on Koh Tao, Island (AKA Paradise!!)

Forgive me for not blogging for a couple days, but between the internet shutting off half way through every post I tried to write (finiky internet, on small islands, is the norm in Thailand), and the fact that I've been enjoying my vacation and not fretting about journaling my every move...  I'll just say, we made it safely to Koh Tao island after a 3 hour ferry ride with about 100 people!

... which was completely worth it when we found this gem of a place to stay (Coral View Resort)!

... which happened to have one of the most amazing tree swings on the planet!

... and some delicious, and cheap beer, for Aaron to enjoy at the beach bar!

This is the view from the restaurant on the hill where we ate every meal for two days!  We're not oppossed to eating at other places, but our resort was so secluded that there was no way to get anywhere else without a four wheel drive truck!  We didn't mind! :)

We snorkeled here on the resort's private beach cove and saw some of the most gorgeous and exotic fish I've ever seen!  I'll post some videos when I get back home of our snorkeling ventures!!

We ate scrumptious cocount thai curry!

... and ventured on the rocks, and over the hill, to see what was on the other side of our cove!

For all you curious little ones, this was what we saw on the other side of the hill!  GORGEOUS, huh?!

 This was the view, in the morning, from my bungalow on the hill! 
(2 minute walk to the beach, 5 minute walk back up the hill! haha)

I promise Aaron isn't an alchoholic!!  It just happens to be that I've taken pictures of him when he's been drinking!  :)  Besides, I couldn't resist posting this pic!

Our resort had delicious banana pancakes with chocolate syrup, a must have while you're in Thailand!

On the 2nd morning, I woke up to "Butter" on my doorstep!  Aaron named her Butter, because when he saw her the day before, he picked her up, and she literally melted into him!   Such an awesome kitty!  I'd be lying if I said I didn't let her sleep on my bed the last night I was at Coral View!  :)

 View, from my bungalow, looking towards the sea! 
And here it is... my home sweet home for 2 nights in Koh Tao at Coral View Resort!  And before you assume that I'm filthy rich because I'm staying in an oceanview bungalow in Thailand, it was only $11.50! 

I'm extremely relaxed here in Thailand... can you tell?!

We talked it over this morning, and while we absolutely adored Coral View, we decided to check out another area of the island, so we took the truck taxi, over the mountain to Sairee beach, where we ordered breakfast, rented a scooter, and headed on a mission to find the perfect place to stay!  When I saw that this bungalow, over the water, was available, I jumped on it!!

Aaron was more than happy to comply with my decision!!

This is, hands down, the best view I've ever had from my front porch at a hotel before!!   Yes, this is literally taken from my front door!

After settling in, we hoped on the scooter and headed for lunch in Chalok Bay!

... and gave ourselves a little tour of the island on the scooter!

Around 2pm, we made it safely back to OK 2 Bungalow, which we had only found, on a whim, by riding the scooter to the end of a road earlier in the day!  This was one of those times where our adventurous spirits paid off!!  :)

We put our bathing suits on and headed for the shark infested water infront of my bungalow!  NO JOKE!  This is, afterall, called Shark Bay... and YES, we did see TONS of sharks while snorkeling! 

If I had to guess, I probably had over 20 shark encounters!  Here's a VIDEO to prove it!

After doing hours and hours and hours of snorkeling in Shark Bay, we sat down to dinner at the hotel's restaurant on the hilltop, overlooking the bay!  The next 3 pictures are my attempt at a panoramic picture!

If you look closely, in the picture above, you can see a snorkeler, way out in the water!  That's about where we were most of the day!  And yes, my arms and abs are VERY sore!
This is the restaurant dog, who, no matter how loudly you yell at it, it continues to sleep!  CLASSIC island dog, I guess!  ...Totally relaxed and content with doing absoutely nothing but sleeping!

Aaron's had some sort of Thai noodle dish, which looked delicious... and then just as he said, "I wonder why we're the only one's here right now..."

... my Pad Thai came out and it was PINK!  We both laughed and said, "That's probably why!" Surprisingly enough, it was actually really delicious!  Who knew?!

We're both having the most incredible time and are so happy with the place w've found to stay, which are far, far, far away from the touristy areas! We're in paradise as far as we're concerned, and we're taking every moment in, and enjoying the unconceivable beauty around us!

Tomorrow I'm planning to read on my bungalow balcony, swim with more sharks, eat delicious food, take beautiful pictures, and relax, relax, relax with my love!! 

P.S. I got an e-mail telling me that I got the job at the school I requested for next year!  So, I'll be working at Dae Gyo Elementary School, on Yeongdo Island, beginning March 1st, 2011!  I'm telling you, this could be one of the greatest weeks of all time!!

Signing off from Koh Tao, Thailand!

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  1. Jill, nobody has ever seen an alcoholic with a 6-pack before...I think Aaron is safe. Looks like a great place to enjoy a cold one!