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Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting somewhere!

Today was all about traveling – literally “traveling!” Our taxi driver picked us up at 6:00am and drove us 2 hours to the border of Cambodia and Thailand. After dropping us off, we walked through the crossing with everyone else! Many Cambodians push carts of bedding, clothes, and other handmade items across the border to sell in Thailand. Some of the kids ride on top!

After making it successfully across the border, I waved good morning to the Thai president and began our 2 kilometer long trek to the bus station, which we didn’t exactly remember the location of!

We walked through this market, nearby the border, along the way, and found it quite funny to see a baby elephant walking through!  Only in Thailand!

We unfortunately gave up on our search for the bus station and asked the local “tourist police” for directions! The guy ended up giving us a lift there, which was very nice!
We got to the bus stop around 10:30am, purchased our tickets to Morchit Station in Bangkok, and boarded the bus at 11:00am!
I find it really interesting the way grown men in Thailand and Cambodia decorate their taxi’s and buses with chincy (sp?) toys and stickers! To each his own, I guess!

The bus ride was llllooooonnnngggg, and we arrived around 3:40pm in Bangkok! First order of business was to book a train to Chomphorn, but unfortunately, they were all booked, so we were forced to reserve seats on yet another bus! Luckily, we have about 4 hours to spare, so we caught a taxi to Koh San Road for some shopping!
For some reason, I didn’t take any pictures on Koh San Road… maybe it’s because I was too focused on all the great things you can buy there!

We headed back to the train station with about an hour to spare before boarding the bus!
The only place with wifi was KFC, so Aaron and I had a nice little Valentine’s dinner in the upstairs section of a Thailand KFC and checked our e-mails! So romantic!
While we were out shopping earlier in the day, Aaron asked a couple Thai men what Thai women like for Valentine’s day. They all looked at him and asked excitedly, “You like Thai woman?!” haha! Anyhow, their recommendation was flowers… so Aaron secretly bought me a rose!

At 9:30pm, on the dot, we boarded our night bus to Chomphorn! It was a long ride, but luckily we were able to sleep quite a bit, and I’m sure all the traveling today will be worth it when we’re finally relaxing on our island!

And as far as  not really celebratingValentine's goes, we celebrate our love everyday, so we were okay with a boring day of traveling! :)

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