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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Thailand!!

Aaron and I will be saying goodbye to our students and jet setting to Thailand this Friday afternoon!  We finally sat down and started planning where we'd like to go and places we'd like to see!  It wasn't until last week that I even remembered what country I was going to, since we booked the tickets on a whim a couple months back!   So, yesterday I started getting really excited about the trip!
We've only planned a rough outline of where we'll be going and have only booked 1 night of accomodations! haha  I'm clearly a NEW WOMAN since living in Asia!  I used to plan stuff to the tee in the past!

So, with that said, here's the tentative plan!

We'll be hanging in Shanghai, China for 9 hours, then landing in Bangkok in the middle of the night!  We're going to stay in Bangkok, at the world famous Koh San Road, for a day of shopping and market adventures...

When we've had enough of Bangkok, we're going to jump on a train to Cambodia!  Yes, this was planned on a whim!  I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see and touch Angkorwat, and Aaron was more than happy to see it for a 2nd time this year!

After exploring Angkorwat, we'll be crossing back over into Thailand and heading for Koh Tao Island!  Koh Tao island is known for it's diving and coral reefs, so my snorkel will be packed, and my newly purchased underwater camera will be coming along as well!  :)

If we can ever pull ourselves away from the relaxing atmosphere of Koh Tao island, we'll head over to nearby Koh Pangyang Island!  :)

Next on the tentative plan is to take a ferry back to the mainland where we'll take a bus down to Krabi for my 2nd trip to Railay Beach!  The last time I was there (summer of 2009) I remembered thinking, "It would be amazing to come back here!"  Who knew that just over a year and a half later, I would!

Lastly, we'll head over to Koh Phi Phi island in order to catch a boat to Maya Bay where THE BEACH was filmed!  We're planning to stay the afternoon here before heading back to Railay for our last stage of the trip! 

For Aaron and I, no vacation is complete without getting a nice bronze tan!  We like to lay on the beach, read, eat local food, ride scooters through the center of town and out amongst the locals, swim with the fish, relax in hammocks, take photographs, enjoy romantic meals together, become friends with the locals and other travelers, and do anything and everything else that comes along with being on vacation!
Here's to 16 days in Cambodia and Thailand with my love!

Feel free to follow along!  The adventure starts Friday!


  1. i can't wait to hear about all the adventures. i'm sooooo jealous!!

  2. Have a fabulous time in Cambodia! (Well, Thailand too but most of all Cambodia!).

    Looking forward to reading all about it!