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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good bye Gamjung~

Today was my last day of working at Gamjung Elementary School!  I can't believe the day came where I had to say goodbye!  It's Korean culture to just kind of slip out without being noticed as you're leaving, so I didn't tell any of the students that I was leaving until yesterday and today.

I was given some of the funniest goodbye gifts; like this hand carved wood cow necklace (from 6th grader: Katie)...

a hand made beaded "mini purse" cell phone charm (made by the 1st grade teacher, Crystal)... and this teddy bear with a one of a kind handmade outfit (from 5th grader: Casey)....

and of course, lots of letters and cards! 

I was even given a "couple ring" from one of my 3rd grade girls who was crying when she handed it to me... Ahhh... I brought a couple dozen Dunkin Donut donuts to celebrate my final day with all of the teachers and Administration at 4:10pm, before school let out for the day.  (pictured below: a tofu donut! Bet you can't guess which one!)

It was so nice to have a chance to see everyone together again before I left! There are only 12 teachers at my school, so we're all very close and I consider them my Korean family!  Especially these two!  Ella and April :) 

...and the rest of the ladies! :)

They urged me to give an official goodbye speech... talk about pressure!  But what's a day of working in Korea without pressure, right?!

All in all, I'm sad to have closed that door, but am excited to open the new one in March!  Please cross your fingers for Dae Gyo Elementary!  I still haven't heard yet where I'll be placed, so I'll keep you updated! 

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  1. Wow I just stumbled on this. I'm teaching at this school now for 6 months. Those students in the photo are going to be in 4th and 3rd grade now!