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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Talent Show - Korean style!

Today was my school's big talent show and the principal told me all my classes were cancelled so I could enjoy the show with the parents!  Um, yes please!  Sweet irony how I got paid to watch a performance, huh?!   Life is great over here in good ole' Korea!  

In Korea, decorations and professionally made signs are key when hosting an event!  So, like clockwork, a welcome sign was designed, printed, and set near the front door to the auditorium...

Huge, korean-style, flower displays were placed near the front of the stage to go along with the hand made balloon and angel decorations!

Amber and Lauren, two of my 6th grade students, were the MC's of the show, so they arrived nice and early to rehearse, wearing rented hanbok and tons of makeup!!  Their moms asked me to take a picture with them, which I thought was very sweet!

The 3rd graders were sooo cute today in their little felt vests and red "yamaka's" as Aaron calls them.  I snapped these pictures during their early morning rehearsal!

Their teacher hand made each of their little costumes!

This is Brittney!  She's one of my favorite students in the whole school! :)

The show began at exactly 9:30am with these two adorable 2nd graders welcoming the parents!!  (Mark and Blaire)

3rd grade was up first!  They performed a bell routine that you could tell they had practiced for months!  There were absolutely NO mistakes!

Next up was the kindergarden class who sang a super cute song about dads!

This is the Chinese club for 1st - 4th graders!  Yes, these students not only learn Korean and English, but Chinese too!

No Korean talent show is complete without a recorder group!  These are all 5th grade girls who compete in recorder competitions throughout the school year.   Sweet costumes huh?! ***

This is the other 3rd grade class who sang the Beatles song, "Let it Be."  They are also wearing the vests and yamakas!  Apparently that was a popular costume choice for this years show!

This is a video of their performance! Notice the little boy in the front/ middle! When he sang "Let it be" he would shout it! As the song went on, his shouting got louder and louder! CLASSIC!

Next up was 6th grade with their rendition of GREASE!

Here's a video, just for kicks!

Absolutely no Korean talent show can exist without a Taekwondo performance... and of course breaking wood in the routine is a must!  It's always a big crowd pleaser!!

The 4th grade did a recorder song too!  Eeehhhh recorders... not exactly my favorite instrument on earth!

This is 1st grade!  Their school actually ordered all of these costumes for the performance!  They did a dance about a boy and girl who like each other at different times.  When the boy tries to catch the girl, she's not interested and vice versa.  It's a very popular Korean traditional dance...

The 4th grade did a skit about going to the doctor to get plastic surgery... hahaha

Here they are, about to get cut open for their new bodies and faces!  Can you believe this is an elementary school talent show act?!

The 5th grade class did a traditional Korean dance!  I'm posting this video for korean cultural/educational pruposes! :) 
This was the hagwon English group singing "The Hills Are Alive" from the Sound of Music.  Complete disaster!  None of them knew the words!  Good news was, it made my English club kids look like they were fluent! :)

2nd grade was unreal!  They had the most awesome costumes and did the funniest dance! 


And of course, the grand finale were my English club kids!  They did such a great job! :)

They introduced what animal they were before the song and dance...

"I am a crocodile and I wiggle my hips!"

"I can do it!"   TAH DAH!!!

I hope you enjoyed their show from the comforts of your own office or home, in wherever you may be in the world! :)


  1. This is so awesome- I'm so pumped to see my school's talent show next week. I feel so bad for the 5th grade girl that fell-poor thing. But it looks like everyone at your school had a great time!

  2. ADORABLE!!!!!
    Oh, and my darling dearest, Ive awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award. Go check my blog to find out what it is all about.
    Love you lots!!!