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Monday, November 15, 2010

Dress Rehearsal!

I was informed about 2 weeks ago that we would be having a school wide talent show on November 17th (tomorrow) and that my "once a week" after school english class would be performing!  LOVELY!  (insert sarcasm here!) Talk about finding out last minute!  So, I quickly got to work and enlisted the help of Ella (my co-teacher) and came up with 3 songs to sing and dance to!  

All of the homeroom classes have had months to choreograph and plan their performance, but my poor little English kiddos only had about 3 hours worth of learning the song and dance, and practicing it!  Luckily they're fast learners!  I think they did really well at today's dress rehearsal!  

My 4th graders singing: DEEP AND WIDE and CAN YOU OUT DO ME?!

My 3rd graders singing: HEAD TO TOE

Today was the dress rehearsal and tomorrow is the big show!  They're so excited... I'm just nervous!


  1. This is so cute. My school talent show is coming up soon although I didn't have to prepare anything part of me wishes I did. I'm super excited to see my kids perform and I'm sure you are too! Have fun and break a leg!

  2. so cute. cadence watched these 3 times each...she loved them!