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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My mall has a Russian circus!

Tonight, Truchen and I had a dinner date at the food court in the new Lotte Department store (a gigantic, nine story, upscale, flashy store) near my apartment in Nampodong.

This week, a new 4-story section of the store opened,  called "Aqua Mall,"  and it features a huge water fall, coming out of the ceiling!  The water show is set to music, with lights to accompany it!  It's a spectacle, the likes of which I have never seen before and had NO IDEA it was coming!   It was beautiful and mesmerizing and a REALLY awesome surprise!   

I'm not sure if it'll be a regular occurrence or not, but tonight, they had Russian circus performers!  These guys were my favorites!  How can you not like a guy with a mullet like that?! (Insert sarcasm here!) ...and the guy on the right smiled a shaddy smile the entire time, as if he had just escaped jail and was still basking in his newfound freedom!  They were the "trampoline guys!"

Here's the whole trampoline gang in action!  I wish I had videoed the 2 girls!  They basically just jumped on the trampoline with their little rhythmic gymnastic ribbons, doing split jumps and easy back tucks!  Shoot, I could have joined their show!  I have been mistaken for a Russian once or twice since moving here!

Shortly after the trampoline extravaganza, a rope was lowered from the ceiling (which leads me to believe the circus might be here to stay for a while!), and this woman started climbing up it and doing all kinds of amazing spins!  She was my favorite!

This girl was sooooo high up in the air, with no mats!  Props to her!

... and last, but not least, the guy who hung from two strips of material!  This takes some SERIOUS strength!

Truchen and I were so glad we decided to meet at Lotte tonight, because we would have never known about this on our own!  The place was packed with Koreans tonight and people dressed in costumes like these bears!  Everyone needs a bear hug sometimes!  

After sharing a delicious grilled chicken salad (with chopsticks!) and splurging with a Lotteria vanilla ice cream cone, we headed up to the new UNIQLO store and bought something special for each of our boys! (It's Aaron's fav clothing store and I've had my eye on something for him for a while now!)  Then we walked the streets of Nampodong and Gukje until all the stores closed down! Time just flies by when the 2 of us are together!  I love this girl!

Tonight was a perfect example of why I love living in Korea!  You never know what you're going to find on a simple night out with a friend!!

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