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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Every mom's nightmare!

Last night, Aaron and Sam both crashed, on their rented scooters... :(

They were driving on a 1/2 gravel and 1/2 newly paved road n Vietnam.  Sam was driviig in front of Aaron and swirved to miss hitting a stray dog and his scooter basically slipped in the gravel, sending Sam, chin first, into the street.  Ouch!  Aaron said he had about .05 seconds to decide whether to run right into Sam's crashed scooter, or bail!  So, he jumped off the scooter and landed on his elbow, rolling through the tar!  They were able to ride the bikes back to the hostel, but apparently as soon as they arrived there, Sam got off the bike and immediately blacked out. :(  Looks like someone's adrenaline had run out...

Aaron said they are both doing okay today, but had to throw away the clothes they were wearing from the bloodstains and tar... and Aaron has been picking tar off his skin all day!  Luckily they were wearing their helmets though!  Good boys!

Today, they were back in the saddle and riding the scooters up the coast!  That's right... just dust it off boys and get out there and explore the world!  Just don't swirve out of the way for any more animals please!

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