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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lovely Truchen!

You know when you meet certain people and you just KNOW you were destined to be friends?!  I think this is how Truchen and I feel about each other!  We met about a month ago at the book club meeting!  She and I instantly hit it off and found that while she's only 25 and grew up her entire life in Cape Town, South Africa, we have a lot in common... Our beliefs in God, our pasts, our families, our obsession with travel, our love for girl time, our desire to be good girlfriends to our incredible men... etc!  

Today, Truchen came over for lunch and we had delicious tuna on french bread, with fresh watermelon to top it off!  We chatted, for hours, as if we'd known each other for years and realized how special our connection is!  Thank you God for another great girl to call "friend!"


  1. Oh, (even lovelier) Jill, I had soo much fun with you! Thank you for having me for lunch - I had sooo much fun and you were like chocolate to my soul! The feeling is mutual, my dearest Jill - Im really thankful for God blessing me with such an awesome friend.
    Cant wait for more girltime :-)


  2. Truchen is beautiful and I am so happy for you to have a girlfriend out there that loves the Lord and you can do life with! Yeah!