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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 15: I made it home!

I woke up early and jumped in a taxi to get to the International airport, hoping I could find internet access somewhere to contact Aaron or my parents...  Unfortunately, once again, there was no wifi. :(

As a side note, for anyone traveling to the Philippines, make sure you only take taxi's with meters, and make sure they start the meter before you start going, and secondly, there are terminal fees at every airport!  The smaller the airport, the smaller the fee!  This one was $16.25 just to enter the terminal... which you HAVE TO PAY to get on your flight!  Sneaky Philippinos!

When I got into the Manilla airport and checked in, the lady at the ticket counter told me that my "sister Jessica" (Jess Perlaza) was trying to get a hold of me and that it was an emergency!  My heart immediately dropped to the floor and I thought something had happened to Carlos or Aaron!  I didn't have a phone though, and I had spent the last of my money on breakfast, so I waited until she found someone at the airport to let me call long distance.  Turns out, Aaron and Carlos were fine... It was me that everyone was looking for!  My mom and dad had contacted the embassy and the state department, Aaron had called just about everyone in El Nido, and Puerto Princesa that he knew I had been in contact with, and even Jess and Carlos were in on the search!  All the while, I was just fine and dandy, making my way back home!  I felt horrible when I found out everyone was searching for me, but felt incredibly loved and cared for knowing that people around me would care enough to do everything they could to find me and make sure I'm safe!  Even my (ex) sister in law, Kirstin, wrote a really sweet blog about me when "the search" was under way!  It was kind of a weird way to end my trip!

The best part of my day was seeing Aaron when I got the airport in Korea!  He swept me up with a big hug and kiss and told me I'm never allowed to travel alone again!  haha :)


  1. you know I got worried too, I check your blog every day... it was weird to still be on day 12! Figured it was lack of wifi, glad I was right!!! Welcome 'home.'

  2. I love reading your blog! It is obvious to me how much God favors you and protects you. What an awesome trip!