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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Around the world with rainbows!

I just realized the other day, that I have owned this pair of rainbow sandals for over 5 years now and have taken them on all of my travels since!  They have walked in California, Arizona, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and (big breath)... now The Philippines!

Since moving to Korea, I have REALLY fallen in love with exploring the world and hope I am able to continue exploring it for years to come!

So Rainbows... Keep on treking, cuz we've got a lot more exploring to do together!


  1. This is the story of my ratty old converse. I have replaced their foam insoles over the years, but they have been trusty. Perhaps they also need a photo :)

  2. Wow, who knew converse could last so long! Mine always fell apart so fast! You def need to write a blog about em!