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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday, funday!

Aaron and I were so excited to ride our new scooter around today, which is currently nameless! :( Any ideas for our little guy, or gal?!

Aaron came up with the name "LGM." Which he then clarified would stand for, "low gas mileage!" As you can see, we're in desperate need of some outside creativity... and let's be honest, every scooter needs a proper name!

Anyhow, He picked me up around 11:00am, and we rode, with the wind in our faces, over to the beach, which was covered in hundreds of excited elementary age korean kids who were paddling row boats, riding on speed boats, and being towed behind a jet ski on one of those banana boats! And it's worth mentioning that we had 5 hang glidders land next to us while we were there! It made for some excellent people watching! This was the last picture of our "funny faces beach photoshoot!"

After we had had enough of the sun, we decided to ride up to Democracy Park (a memorial for the soldiers who died in the Korean war) and have a picnic!

I love how we can go from the beach to the forest in 15 minutes by scooter!

As we were coming down the 137 memorial steps, we noticed that someone parked their scooter, which happened to be the same style as ours, right next to us! We quickly realized we were part of the club!

As a side note... our scooter holds about 3/4 gallon of gas, and it goes about 45 miles on 1 tank before it needs to be filled again! What a deal huh?! Not only does it get good gas mileage, it gets us lots of waves, smiles, and thumbs ups from lots of koreans!

We ended the day by scooting over to Da Daepo Beach to watch the spectacular nightly Fountain Show, but when we arrived, we were told it was cancelled for the night... bbooo. Our consolation prize was a stunning sunset over the water though! Can't complain about that!
About to watch a movie called North Face (Aaron won rock paper scissors, so it was his pick tonight!) Such a fun weekend... 4 beaches in 2 days, a new scooter, a mountaintop view of the city, a picnic, sand sculptures, screen golf, delicious cheeseburgers and coffee, all with my best friend, and favorite person to be with!! Life is good these days...

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