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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sensational Saturday!

Every little bit of today was fabulous! It started with my internet guy coming over to install my new modem at 11:00am! This was fun because I haven't had internet at home for 5 days! How I survived, I have no idea!

Then, Aaron and I met up and rode the subway over to Haeundae Beach for the International Sand Festival! Sand sculptures a
nd sun bathers lined the entire beachside! (As I side note, check out the guy with the shaved head laying out... Where are his arm and legs?!)

We couldn't have asked for better weather today! There were blue skies and warm sand beneath our toes... Summer has finally arrived in South Korea!

These 4 guys built the castle in the picture above, and the US Capitol Building below! They were incredible, and very nice!

They said it takes a whole day to complete one sculpture!

I was inspired... what can I say... so I began to sculpt!

... and I made this fish!
After walking along the beach for a while, we headed over to my favorite burger place, for a late lunch! mmmm, cheeseburgers, how I love and miss you!!

We spotted this "donkey and carriage!" while walking down the main street in Haeundae...
After lunch, we hoped in a taxi and headed for Gwangali Beach! We stopped at the beachside amusement park (Sorry there aren't any pictures) and watched all the random rickety carnival style rides before walking over to the new 14 floor screen golf building on the beach! We're suckers for screen golf!

We played the Kiawah Island Beachside course... since Aaron used to work at the resort there, in South Carolina!

Aaron's big advice for the day was... "keep your eye on the ball!" I thought this was a perfect depiction of how well I listen!

His advice was so good that I ACTUALLY beat him by 1 stroke on the last hole!

Who doesn't love a good kiss at the end of a friendly competition!?

After screen golf, we walked along the beach and caught the bus back to our side of town. We had been talking a lot about how much we loved the scooter that we rented in Jeju and how nice it would be to have one to scoot around town on... So, we got off the bus 2 stops early to check out the scooter shops! We decided on a price, and that we would each pay 1/2!

We looked at quite a few, but weren't convinced... Then, a guy showed us this one and we couldn't believe it... It was EXACTLY the price we had agreed upon and it looked just like our Jeju scooter! We talked it over for a couple minutes, and wala... it was purchased! So, Aaron and I are joint owners of a brand new scooter! :)

We spent the next 2 hours riding around, all over town, and landed at a coffee shop in Nampodong where we shared a cup of coffee and "some yummies" and called it a night! It was definitely a marathon day - a fabulous marathon day, filled with good weather, great food, lots of smiles, and a brand new scooter to call our own! No more taxi's! YAY!

P.S. Don't worry mom... we both have helmets!

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